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The purpose of the Livingston Academy STEM Program is to meet the educational and professional development needs of a diverse community of STEM learners with cutting-edge and engaging experiences in flexible learning spaces.
  • Enhancing the skill set of Livingston Academy students, which prepare them for well-paying careers in STEM-based industries through curricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities.
  • Providing leading-edge outreach programming to the diverse community of STEM learners.· Engaging underrepresented groups in STEM through hands-on learning and problem solving.
  • Engaging 9-12 teachers with innovative professional development workshops focused on active-collaborative learning, problem-based learning and course-based research experiences.
  • Extending STEM to a broader population of students by including the disciplines of information technology, agriculture, aviation, engineering and computer, management sciences and health care.
  • Both formative and summative assessment data will be collected, analyzed, and used to monitor student expectation.