Course Description

December 11-15
Monday: Finish presentations
Tuesday: Begin the final project **Creating a digital flyer of 20 tips and tricks they have learned in class on how to become an entrepreneur.
Wednesday: Work on final
Thursday: Finish and submit final
Friday: End of Class Celebration!!
December 4-8
Monday: Present Ethics Role Play
Tuesday: Begin Unethical Case Study on power point (research)
Wedneday: Work on case study
Thursday: Work on case study
Friday: Begin presentations
November 27- December 1
Monday: Continue Giving back Big Companies
Tueday: "Big Company Give Backs" research and present
Wednesday: Code of Ethics (we did not get to do this last week due to the play)
Thursday: Code of Ethics present
Friday: Watch last iCEV video on ethics and begin role play activity
November 20-21
Monday: Begin Code of Ethics Activity (they will write their own code of ethics for their business)
Tueday: Finish Activity and share
Wednesday-Friday: No School- Thanksgiving Break
November 13-17
Monday: Giving back = Business Social Responsibililty (break down local businesses, big businesses) How?
Tueday: Discuss Patagonia Owner giving back. Break up into 3 groups read and disect articles about it
Wedneday: Guest Speaker- Tosha Cole Clemens owner of LaBosh
Thurday: Field Trip to the Biz Foundary (they are watching a real life verson of shark tank) 
Friday: Break down/ debreif of the Biz Foundary 
November 6-9
Monday: Ethical Dilemma in Business & Deep Dilemmas Game
Tueday: Code of Ethics
Wedneday: Business and Social Responsibility iCEV and Activity
Thursday: Share activity and elaborate
Friday: No School
October 30- November 3
Monday: Entrepreneurship 101 Compairison
Tuesday: What is Integrity and why is it important? Essay
Wednesday: Discuss Essay Begin Ethics in Business
Thursday: Ethics in Business Vocab
Friday: Ethical Dilemma in Business & Deep Dilemmas Game
October 23-27
Monday: ICEV Entrepreneurship 101: Teddy Bear Academy
Tuesday: ICEV Entrepreneurship 101: Crossfit
Wedneday: ICEV Entrepreneurship 101: Heritage Homes
Thursday: ICEV Entrepreneurship 101: Prime Dirt
Friday: ICEV Entrepreneurship 101: Congruent Creative Workshops
October 16-20
Monday: ACT Slam
Tuesday: ACT
Wedneday: Due to HOCO schedule getting changed, they did not get to present. We will present posters.
Thursday: Giving back as a business owner. Discuss ways to give back. Research Patagonia and show 
                  video of founder who gave away his company. Disussion
Friday: Look up other businesses who give back. Who do they give to? How are they making a difference?
Students will finish and present their Famous Entrepreneur poster project 
September 26-30
  Discuss giving back to your community as an entrepreneur
  How do our local businesses give back?
  Research Patagonia
  Watch video of Patagonia's founder and how he has given his company to a non proffit who will now use
    the income from Patagonia to do research.
  Class discussion
  Research companies who gives back and what do they give to? Share with class
Thursday - Friday
  Begin Famous Entrepreneur poster
  Students will choose one entrepreneur to research. They will be given a rubric what info they need to find. 
  One requirement is turning their poster board into the shape of that person's invention. 
     (IE: If they are researching Thomas Edison, his poster should look like a light bulb with all the info on it)
September 18-22
  Work on digital infograph
  Finish and submit digital infograph
  Entrepreneur quiz
Thursday & Friday-
  Why Business Fail Article & Discussion
  Look up an entrepreneur who failed at one company, but changed directions and succeeded at another one
September 11-15
  Finish Presenting
  Being a Young Entrepreneur Article
  Discuss sucessful young entrepreneurs
  Give info on how to create a digital infograph and requirements that must be on the infograph
  Begin research on famous entrepreneurs preferably that started their business as a teen
  Research Day/Begin building digital infograph
  Work on digital infograph and submit
  Present digital infograph over their famous entrepreneur 
August 28- September 8
Teen Entrepreneur Project-Students filled out packets last week with information of a business they could open as a teen. They researched what it would take to open, skills needed, resources need, etc. They will now take that info and put it in a powerpoint so they can "pitch" their idea to see if I would want to invest in their company. 
**All seniors will be gone Wedneday and most will be gone Thursday**
No school Monday Sept 4---with as many disruptions, we are extending our project though this week. 
August 21-25
  Choosing Your Teen Based Business (ppt/notes/activity)
   The Teen Entrepreneur Project 1 Worksheet (researching your teen-based business)
   Present Project
   Read and disect Young Entrepreneur Article
   Research a teen entrepreneur up to 19 years old (who, what, where, how, interesting facts)
   Present findings and class discussions about each
August 14-17
   Define Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
   KW Chart
   Famous Entrepreneurs and how they got there
   A Job Defined: Entrepreneurship Video
  Entrepreneurship Blue Print Activity
  Present Activity
  A Job Defined: Risk/Reward Activty of your blue print
  Career Connections Videos
August 7-11
  Welcome, Syllabus, Student Info Sheet
  Class Culture Agreement, Policies & Procedures
  Safety Guidelines, Safety Test, Remind 101, Human Bingo
  Complete About Me Assignment
  Share About Me
  Entre Prompts